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Wild & Sweet Rich Honey

About Us

Wild & Sweet Rich Honey is a small honey producing business located

 in Spokane County Washington.   


Our Farm

     We currently have about 15 different locations where our bees are able to forage for pollen and nectar for their health and survival, (we ride along on their coat tails and they let us share in their bounty as long as we maintain a good working relationship with them.)


Where to find us

     Thanks to overwhelming support from the community, Wild & Sweet Rich Honey has joined several local Farmers' Markets thus allowing us to more readily sell our products to you.  

     We strive to provide some of the best honey available in the area.  We extract the honey from each of our locations one-at-a-time, this lets us keep the different varieties seperate and allows you to sample different types of honey and decide which works best for your needs.


Our Beekeeping Adventure

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Wild & Sweet Rich Honey

PO Box 22

Spangle, WA 99031






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